The Tape Advisor was developed as an app for designers on car conventions so they could customize materials they want to use in car developement on a tablet.

My role on this project was to visualize the different material attributes such as material stiffness, material roughness or adhesion profile just to name a few.

To give the designers an immediate result in realtime, I visualized several car parts separately for Web GL.

On the Car and the Carparts, I only did the visualization, the model itself was done by someone else.


The following content is all about the material attributes that I visualized for the designers. In an iterative process I worked closely with Demodern to get what the client wanted.

Surface Energy

This shows the surface energy of the adhesives the client can customize for his own needs.

The Animation visualizes very high surface energy to very low surface energy of the liquid.

Material Roughness

Material Roughness is to show how well the adhesives stick to a surface due to its roughness. 

In the application for the designers, there was the option to chose fabric or foam.

Material Stiffness




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