Krypt Crawler is a grid-based dungeon crawler for the GearVR on Android. It´s also available on steam with a non-VR PC version. Check it out here!


As the only Artist on this Project I am responsible for all the 3D-content including Animations, Effects and Lighting.

Together with CrazyBunch, one of the best developing Studios in Hamburg, we made the dream of our very own VR Game come true in just six months.

The textures for the Game were all hand painted in Photoshop. Since we could not use any dynamic lighting, due to limited resources on a mobile device, we had to paint and bake everything.

For the same reasons it was not possible to view more than one skinned mesh renderer at a time, which is why I had to animate the main character via object animations in Unity. That is why the gloves are posed and parented to all the weapons in the game.


The Body Armor of the main character is the first equipment you find in the dungeons. On this Asset I payed special attention to the upper areas because it´s always closest to the viewer and the player will see every scratch on the metal when he looks down on his chest.


The back will never be seen and therefore has no texture details at all.


This is a screenshot from the Krypt, which is the first out of three settings.

Since we had no dynamic lighting, I had to think of a more creative way to do an interesting light setup. For that I used what I call a light catcher as shown below.

On the left you see the textured lamp which I did first.

On the right you see the light catcher which I modeled with the painted lamp as a "blueprint" so to say. In Unity I parented them together and made the light catcher visible to the baked point lights that I placed in the lamps. That way the shadows on the wall matched the painted textures on the lowpoly lamps.



Light catcher


To spare texture space, we used atlas textures. In total we had four 4k textures for the whole Environment of the game.

Krypt Atlas:


To limit overdraw and polycount, we used a grid based system as shown below. I had to always work precisely so we wouldnt get holes in between the tiles and to avoid light bleeding when baking.

Each of the pillars for every setting had to have 4 versions. Full, three fourth, half and quarter so that every corner in the game could be perfectly fit without overdraw.

The floor tiles and the pillars also could be rotated randomly to avoid tiling when in wide rooms or long corridors.


And last but not least, this is the official release trailer to the game. 

It was pretty much a last minute call before the release and we are aware that it is quite dark. Make sure to brighten up your monitor! 

Thank you very much for your attention and I hope you enjoy the content.

Cover Art done by Dario Coelho